Used Car Push


Our Used Car Push is designed to deliver pure in the market buyers by capturing an audience with a full page editorial about the dealerships inventory being priced at low monthly payments or other great incentives that follow the latest market trends. Every invitation is personally hand addressed and sent to the consumer with a local post mark from the consumer’s area. The United States Postal Service recognizes our process as five times the effectiveness on open rates as traditional Direct Mail.


Solutions Direct has produced specialized direct marketing campaigns for automotive dealerships all over the USA, Bringing promotional sales events that deliver tremendous results due to the creative that is tailored to each individual dealers Inventory and Selling style. If your dealership is looking to build sales throughout your week, or on a weekend, Solutions Direct has a proven method with a dynamic platform that can triple your sales volume over a four day period.


  • Pure Buyers coming in for a Car Truck or SUV, no gifts or gimmicks
  • Payment Based buyer leading to the highest gross profits
  • Five times the response rate comparing to conventional direct mail
  • Title Data with forecasted buyers
  • 3.6 average units sold per 1000 pieces of mail

New Car Push

101% Reimbursement Sale

Our New Car Push is designed to deliver pure in the market buyers to your dealership floor. We achieve this by utilizing a data file that Identifies each recipient as a new car buyer in the prime of their buying cycle i.e. lease returns or 60% Paid through on a new car or used car purchase. We hand address every envelope with and personalize a sticky note with a message from the New Car Director or General Manager. The consumer receives a 101% reimbursement on the base model of MSRP less deductions of mileage/wear and tear. The results provide new car sales with trades taken at a fraction of the price of auctions.


  • Pure Buyers coming in for a Car Truck or SUV, no gifts or gimmicks
  • Strong traffic due to a 100% open rate
  • Trades taken for a fraction of the auction prices
  • Personalized approach to Customer base
  • 3.1 average units sold/2.0 trades taken in per 1000 pieces of mail

This is the strongest new car campaign in the industry. This platform is made to drive new car sales up while taking in trades for a fraction of the price of the auctions. The combination of a hand addressed envelope with a post-it on the inside of the mail piece and a live local post marked stamp makes this product a formidable weapon of choice for New Car Sales.

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  • Hand Addressing

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